Volunteer Program
Kageno has developed a volunteer program that utilizes the commitment of home-based volunteers who can help Kageno from anywhere in the world. These volunteers can dedicate their time and efforts in three ways:

Kageno uses volunteers to research various topics that will possibly lead to new opportunities for our many programs. Kageno continuously seeks to leverage innovative technologies and methodologies and forge alliances with other socially conscious organizations.

Increasing awareness
Organized student groups play a vital role in raising awareness and increasing public understanding of the issues facing Sub-Saharan Africa. Kageno has a diverse network of dedicated young people from middle schools, high schools, and universities across the U.S. who help promote global change through increased understanding and awareness of local and global issues.

Kageno depends on outside funding to finance its activities and forward its mission. Home-based volunteers can play a key fundraising role by hosting or assisting with events, and securing in-kind donations. Kageno has developed a tool-kit with suggestions on how to get started to make this an easy option for anyone interested.

Opportunities in Africa
As a volunteer in one of our Kenya or Rwanda programs, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with local people in a wide variety of programs. No specific skill or prior experience is required. Making a difference can be as simple as spending time with orphans, digging pit-latrines, or practicing English with community members. Anyone with an interest in helping is able to make a difference.

Volunteering with Kageno is a chance for you to make a personal contribution at the global level while you experience hands-on learning about countries and cultures as you exchange ideas with people you might not otherwise meet.

The volunteer experience highlights the need for communication between people of different races, cultures, and ideologies. Kageno volunteers render service and learn as much as possible from their experience, but do not impose their own values on their hosts.

For individuals with time constraints, a combination of vacationing and volunteering or “Voluntourism” offers a tremendous opportunity to travel with a purpose. “Voluntourism” provides hands-on interaction balanced by opportunities for sightseeing and immersion in the native culture of the community served.

Job opportunities

If you are interested in working in a stimulating and diverse environment, and have demonstrated competencies in relevant areas for Kageno, we encourage you to apply.

Kageno is always seeking opportunities to work with committed individuals, student groups, and other associations. To volunteer your time or offer other services, please send an email to info@kageno.org

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