There is no more effective way to transform lives than through education.

OneKIdwritesOneSmilesEarly Childhood Education

Kageno provides early childhood education for kids ages 3 to 6 in communities where these services would not otherwise be provided. Over 300 Children a year receive lesson in English, math, hygiene and art in schools built by Kagneo. Everyday Students are provided with a nutritious meal cooked in Kageno’s Kitchen. The schools are equipped with proper latrines and an on-staff nurse who monitors children to ensure they are receiving adequate healthcare. Students are provided with uniforms and all educational materials.

educationadultsBlahphotoAdult Education

English is now an official language in Rwanda, so the need to learn English is now greater. We continue to offer English classes with 85 adults attending classes on a regular basis.


 Access to basic health care is a fundamental human right.

Health Services Rwanda

The Sue Folk Health Clinic at Kageno Rwanda offers clinical services, supported by the Lillian Vernon / Paolo Martino Pharmacy to an area hit hard by infectous disease.

The clinic provides services ranging from disease prevention to clinical procedures and education. Kageno has performed 10,000 immunizations.

The clinic was recently expanded to include new laboratory staffed by a trained technician provided by the Rwandan government.

Health Education

Kageno provides education and counseling on prenatal care, family planning, hygiene, STDs, health insurance, and nutrition. Health education is carried out in both structured group programs and in one-on-one counseling sessions.



Voluntary Counseling and Testing (vct)

Kageno operates VCT programs to support those affected by HIV/AIDS by training local volunteers to become counselors, mentors, and monitors of community health, and by providing access to condoms, testing, counseling, and antiretroviral treatment.




expoachers:feedingpgmChild Feeding Programs

In Rwanda our daily feeding program was expanded to 3 additional schools in Banda Village. Kageno presently provides nutritious meals to over 2,500 children each school day, for many it will be the only meal they receive all day.

The program also creates jobs for women in the community who cook the meal and the new kitchen built for the program is an ideal venue for teaching and promoting nutrition and balanced diets.


Vulnerable Child Assistance


For the community’s most vulnerable children, including those who may be too young or old to attend the nursery school, Kageno provides access to health care and insurance, daily meals, shoes, mosquito nets, and counseling.

In addition, Kageno provides income-earning opportunities for their guardians by creating workdays for them in its community garden.


Income generating programs give individuals the power to create change for themselves and their community.


Kageno continues to operate a microloan program in Kenya. Communitiy members use microloans from Kageno to fund small enterprises selling fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, clothing, and bicycle repair.



crafts2Craft Projects

Kageno supports local crafts people especially women—by helping them to earn income by producing baskets, placemats, soaps, candles and bracelets.

In addition to crafts marketed internationally, some products are sold directly to the community: Kageno leads that effort by purchasing soap from a local soap making collective funded by Kageno. The soap is used by the students at Kageno’s nursery school.


A thriving natural environment can be a developing community’s most valuable asset.

ComunityGardens2Community Gardens and Tree Nurseries

Kageno trains community members in innovative agricultural techniques, helping them to establish bio-intensive gardens and nurseries that can diversify crop yields and improve soil quality.



The Gardens and Nurseries at Kageno RwandacommunityGarden

are used to nurture a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, plants, and tree seedlings. The crops produced contribute to Kageno’s feeding program and surplus produce is sold throughout the year.



???????????????????????????????Clean Water

When communities have no access to clean water, they must depend on polluted surface water from distant streams that are prone to waterborne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, and diarrhea. Kageno Rwanda’s water project provides clean water for more than 10,000 people. In 2011 the system  was expanded to provide clean water to two local schools and another 1600 People. In 2014 with the help of the Peace Corp. the water system was extended to the farthest edges of Banda Village.




Animal Husbandry


A new cowshed was constructed in 2011 to support projects in biofuel and soil enrichment, and provide nutritious milk for Kageno’s feeding program. Kageno presently has housed 18 cows,





Our briquette-making program recycles trash into briquettes that are now used as an inexpensive source of fuel, protecting the environment by reducing the need to burn local vegetation. Thus far, over 12,000 briquettes have been produced.



Eco Lodge


Kageno Rwanda is located on the buffer zone of the Nyungwe National Park (NNP). This location offers spectacular natural resources and unique cultural experiences.

Kageno with the help of local tourism experts is developing and Eco Lodge. Its completion will bring tourism and Jobs to Banda Village and speed economic growth in while protecting the remarkable biodiversity of the Nyungwe National Park.

Kageno has secured a mountain top site with expansive valley views outside the village. Architectural design of the ecolodge has been executed pro-bono by SPG Architects, an award winning architectural firm based in New York City.