Your sponsorship will transform the life of a child and his or her community;
it’s not about short-term handouts or individual gifts.

How you help

Your sponsored child’s needs will be addressed through Kageno’s multifaceted community development initiatives such as: safe water and sanitation, agricultural development, access to education and medical care, and income generating opportunities for caregivers.

Through sponsorship, we address a child’s needs, both immediate and long-term. We believe that the most effective way to create lasting change for an individual child is to strengthen the entire community in which they live. The goal of the Kageno sponsorship program is to help your sponsored child and his or her community break the cycle of inhumane poverty and have a future full of hope and opportunity.

Your gifts are combined with gifts from other sponsors to provide the assistance the community needs most — access to clean water and sanitation, improved nutrition, health care, education and vocational training. Ultimately, it is our goal to see these families and the communities reach a point where they no longer need outside assistance.