SOLES UNITED – the U.S. based philanthropic arm of CROCS Inc., provided 10,000 pairs of shoes for distribution in Haiti

BROTHERS BROTHER – oversaw the donation and shipping arrangements for CROCS distribution in Haiti

PEARSON PUBLICATIONS – paid for the books and container that was sent to Kenya for nursery school and paid for shipping of the Crocs shoes to Haiti

FORDPOINTER AND CARGO SERVICES –worked with Pearson Publications in arranging the shipping of the Crocs shoes and gave Kageno a reduced rate for the shipping

RAISING MALAWI – partnering to train local school teachers under the SFK program

ME & RO – partnering and developed the “Unity Bracelet”, a product that is being made at our project sites for retail sale

URBAN ZEN – partnered to hold fall 2008 event at the Stephen Weiss Studio and working to supply candles for sale at the Urban Zen store in early 2010

PARTNERS IN HEALTH – partnership to train community healthcare workers

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY – development of ecotourism/conservation program, site selection and implementation

OFFICE RWANDAIS DU TOURISME ET DES PARCS NATIONAUX (ORTPN) – development of ecotourism program, site selection and implementation of all programs

USAID SMALL GRANTS PROGRAM – source of partial funding for the Kageno Rwanda eco-tourism and product diversification projects

DREYFUS HEALTH FOUNDATION PROBLEM SOLVING FOR BETTER HEALTH PROJECT – source of funding for micro loaning activities to solve specific health related issues that the community is facing

FLORESTA – source of funding for briquette making machine, bio-intensive agriculture training, and a dairy goat project

CARE KENYA – provides training to the community on sustainable agriculture and cost effective latrines for impoverished community members

CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL – source of funding to train Kageno Kenya’s Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) counselors

GERMAN ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (GED) – source of funding to construct latrines and water tanks

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS – partnership to operate the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre

KENYA MINISTRY OF HEALTH – partnership to operate the Plasse Dispensary (kageno’s Dispensary)

PRESIDENT’S EMERGENCY PLAN FOR AIDS RELIEF (PEPFAR) – source of funding to pay school fees for four orphaned students for secondary education

UNDP SMALL GRANTS PROGRAM – source of funding for reforestation program

USAID AMBASSADORS SELF-HELP FUND – source of funding for Kageno’s solar system

US PEACE CORPS – source of partial funding for construction of the Kageno Innovative Community Centre